Free Live Webinar: MASTER YOUR TIME 
, 21 June 2023 at 6:00 pm CST

It All About Time 
Transform Your Work-Life Balance 
with these Time Mastery Strategies!

Discover 3 ways to make time work for you:
  • Tools to Overcome overwhelm and get clarity on where to spend your time
  • Strategies to Handle Distractions so that you are always connected to what matters most to you
  • Insights to help you Power Up Your Productivity and meet the milestones you desire

82% of people don’t have a time management system. They just use a list or their email inbox.

The reality is that poor time management - is an issue that costs businesses millions of dollars a year globally, and results in serious mental health issues in millions of employees in the form of heightened stress levels, poor sleeping habits, changing attitudes toward employers, and burnout.

Poor time management habits like procrastination have even been found to have a direct link to lower incomes.

Don't you think it’s time for you to MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME and INCREASE YOUR WEALTH

In 45 Minutes I will reveal the secrets to MASTER YOUR TIME

These 3 aspects of time management when implemented will drastically change how you can show up in both your personal life and your business.

Where Did the Time Go?

Identify a new way to Manage Your time and emotions of frustration, when feeling like you mismanaged your time

Overcome being Overwhelmed

Learn a simple 2 step process to truly conquer the feeling of overwhelm and create results instead

Handle Distractions

Discover a 5 minute exercise on how to handle the unexpected so you can drop the guilt and gracefully refocus on what’s most important

Meet Your Event Host!

 Charlene Harry 
  • Author of Personal Development books: 5" Steps to Living Your Best Life", "Empowerment T.E.A.",  "7 Steps to Clarity: How to Co-Create Your Life with Confidence", "Stop Settling: You Were Designed for Greatness"
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker 
  • Transformational Career & Life Consultant 
  • 25 yrs of Time Management Training
  • 20 Plus yrs as an Operational Leadership Manager
  • 15 plus yr as an Entrepreneur
  • Celebrating 20 yrs of Marriage with the Love of her Life
  • Mom of 4 Ages 2 -19

Here’s What you will discover . . .

  • Why Most people feel like time is slipping away
  • Why Most people start and never finish their most important objectives
  • How to Overcome Being Overwhelmed and release feelings of defeat
  • How to Handle Distractions and Interruptions with Grace
  • How Power up your Progress and feed the into the Milestones you Set

When you implement the techniques shared you will . . .

  • Feel Empowered to manage your time
  • Be more Confident and calm about your time
  • How to Handle Distractions and Interruptions with Grace
  • Leverage your time as the new money maker
  • How to Handle Distractions and Interruptions with Grace

Are you ready to get more done in less time?

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